A Father's Flight and A Daughter's Return
by Susan Edsall

Susan Edsall’s Into the Blue is a powerful family memoir about two feisty sisters from Montana who bring their father back to life—and discover themselves in the process. Susan compares aspects of their story to “The Wizard of Oz” in that Sharon learned she had a brain, while Susan learned she had a heart.

Inspiring, gritty and often hilarious, Into the Blue is much more than a story about a miraculous recovery. It's also about a daughter who relearns how to live—just as her father relearns how to fly. It is a deeply resonate story of how being pole-axed by life leads to a triumphant comeback due to the sheer effort, heart and will of these courageous people.

Into the Blue possesses that rare quality of being both an epic yet intimate story. It’s a father/daughter story set against flying. A true story with unforgettable characters and laced with a unique brand of humor. A story that’s at once hilariously funny, yet inspirational—deeply moving, yet edgy.

C L O S E  W I N D O W     

...and of the living, none, not one,
who truly loves the sky,
would trade a hundred earth-bound hours
for one that he could fly.

— Gill Robb Wilson