A True Story in the vein of "The Blind Side" and "Field of Dreams"

the family

Genre:  Drama
Material:  Script, Video, Articles

An inspirational father/son family drama with humor and heart.

One son’s passion for golf helps his parents heal after their older son’s death... and gives the younger disabled son the confidence he needs to take on the world in golf and in life.

An uplifting, transformational story about a father who—still grieving from the loss of his star athlete son in a tragic car accident—builds his other son (who has Down’s syndrome) his own golf course on their 10 acres of land in Montana. In doing so, he begins to heal from the loss of his older son, while helping his younger son’s golf dreams come true.




A Father's Flight and A Daughter's Return

A True Story based on the book by Susan Edsall

blue cover
Genre:  Drama
Material:  Book

In the spring of 2000, 42-year-old Susan Edsall was living a high octane life as a successful business woman on the East coast, when she got the call.  Her father, Wayne Edsall—a pilot and rebuilder of antique airplanes—had suffered a stroke that left him unable to read, write, speak, tell time, understand the alphabet—much less fly.  The doctors’ diagnosis was dire.  They told Wayne and his family the best he could hope for was to learn to play checkers.  Susan knew that for her dad—a John Wayne type of man with flying in his blood—being told he’d never fly again was as devastating as the stroke itself.  She knew if her dad couldn’t fly, he’d just as soon not breathe, so she chose another path—a brand of action only Susan could have pulled off.  Battling the pessimistic conclusion of the experts, and her own looming fears, she and her sister, Sharon—otherwise known as the Blister Sisters—took matters into their own hands.  With no medical training, but double doses of determination, they sprang into action concocting their own rehab program and within months, the sisters miraculously had their father back behind the controls of his beloved open cockpit biplane—and into the air.  Against all odds, Wayne Edsall was flying again, thanks to the true grit of his daughters, Susan and Sharon.




A reality-based what-if comedy with an environment twist.

Every so often gutsy people come along and make the world a better place.  And that’s exactly what happens when three inventive individuals dupe the bureaucrats into doing the “impossible” – eliminating smog.

Genre:  Comedy
Material:  Story Synopsis


based on the novel “Big Guy, Little Women” by Jacqueline Shannon

A teen/family comedy with heart.

What would you do if the characters from your favorite novel moved in next door?  In this case… fifteen-year-old Lori Laigen – hip, with a heart of gold and a wild imagination – is convinced that the four girls who just moved in next door are the March sisters from her favorite novel, “Little Women.”

Genre:  Comedy
Material:  Script & Novel



A true story based on newspaper articles and a published booklet.

Love story – murder mystery – ghost story – true crime thriller.
The legend of the ghost of the Hotel del Coronado has been kicking around the landmark resort ever since the death of a beautiful young woman at the hotel over 100 years ago.  This is the contemporary true story of a man whose life is forever changed by an encounter with a ghost.

Genre:  Drama/Ghost Story
Material:  Story Treatment


  DESIRAY'S HOUSE OF BEAUTY *and Forensics Lab

One-hour mystery crime series with comedic elements in the vein of “My Name Is Earl” and “Northern Exposure”

Beautician by day, sleuth by night.

Two small-town Texas sisters with very little in common – other than an obsessive love for television detective shows – set aside their sibling rivalry long enough to fulfill a dream of opening the finest (and only) full-service beauty salon in all of Wickieup County – only to discover a dead body buried behind their shop. With the local Sheriff at a loss, and big city law enforcement from down the road in Austin just scratchin' their heads, the sisters dive in, surprising themselves and everyone else with their knack for sleuthing. Sure enough, before long their beauty salon is doubling as a crime lab and they're dubbed the 'Sherlock & Curls" of East Texas.

Genre:  Mystery Crime Dramedy
Material:  Presentation


A one-hour medical dramedy about the trials, tribulations and trysts of the interns & staff – as well as the animals & owners they treat – at the world’s preeminent eight-story animal hospital located in the heart of New York City.

Animals are good medicine in this new breed of medical show focusing on career-driven 20-something year-old brainiacs where anything goes.  Unpredictable.  Adrenaline-charged.  Emotional.  These young women and men are fully engaged in the daily challenge of balancing work and life – ambition and romance.  The tone:  humorous and offbeat—but real.

Genre:  Dramedy
Material:  Presentation


A restoration competition where amateur car enthusiasts have two weeks and two thousand bucks to buy a car, fix it up, and sell it at auction.

Genre:  Reality Competition Series
Material:  Presentation 



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