steve and john

father and son

As Steve began to build a golf course for his son John—something he knew absolutely nothing about—people from all over the country rallied to help.   First on a local level, then on a statewide level, and before long there was a groundswell of people from all over the country lending a helping hand to make John’s Golf Course a reality. 

"Build it and they will come" became the slogan for John's Golf Course, just as it was for the unforgettable movie "Field of Dreams." Once John's Golf Course was built, people from all over the country poured in to play with John. Today, John's Golf Course is open for business in Eureka, Montana. Everyone's welcome—especially the disabled and handicapped. And there are no fees.

An uplifting, inspirational story that “focuses on ability instead of disability.”

John and Steve Espinoza are shining examples of people who don't see limitations, only possibilities, and because of that… anything is possible!

Twenty-five-year-old John Espinoza went on to win the bronze medal in the 2003 Special Olympics World Games in Ireland.

Press/Publicity on this True Story:

Once the story of John’s Golf Course broke, it appeared in many publications and was featured on various television shows.  Included in the mix were ESPN (who ran an 8-minute special on the story), NBC’s Today show, HBO Sports, People magazine, Sports Illustrated, Golf Course Management, American Profile and many more.

In addition to bringing home the Bronze medal for the U.S. in the 2003 Special Olympics World Games, John has won over 10 Gold medals in the Montana State Special Olympic Games.

The Espinoza’s have hosted an Annual Tournament ever since opening John’s Golf Course to the public in 1998.